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“Making A Difference” with Sue Phillips from Scenterprises Inc

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Sue Phillips
CEO at Scenterprises inc
Website Address: Www.scenterprises.com

Each week on “Making a Difference,” our host, Cindy Ashton, interviews people making a difference in their community. Today, Cindy had the pleasure of talking with Sue Phillips from Scenterprises Inc.

To learn more, check out https://www.scenterprises.com.

What nonprofit do you feel makes the greatest impact in our community?

I think there are quite a few but I think Alzheimer’s Association is important because as the population ages many people are being affected by Dementia & Alzheimer’s and it impacts them and also their families and I think Alzheimer’s Association is very important. I know first hand how terrible it can be because my mother had it, and it also affects the memory… And fragrance is directly connected to memory and emotion!

What volunteer experience has impacted you the most?

I have done many fundraising programs for Alzheimer’s association and also lately an Initiative for Ukraine refugees to seek safe refuge in Moldova because my daughter was a Peace Corps volunteer and lived in Moldova for 2 years. We were able to get Ukrainian refugees to seek safe passage to Moldova to her community there.

What’s your favorite way to get involved in the community?

I have important initiatives that I support through my love of fragrance art, theatre and music. So I align my passions of work with communities that need my help in those areas.


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