McDonald’s is using Snapchat ‘Snaplications’ to Recruit Teens

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Ever thought of working for McDonald’s? If yes, you’re in luck. Now, it’s possible to send your job application at McDonald’s through Snapchat – a Snapchat application.

Many people dream of having a job at McDonald’s. The good news is you can now accomplish your dream. If you use Snapchat frequently, you can get hired by this popular organization. How? The company is now accepting applications for jobs via Snapchat.

this social media application will save time for job-seekers and the company too

Australians looking for Macca’s jobs will be happy to know that the first stage of interviews will soon encompass a little bit of interaction via social media. It’s a 10-second audition called Snaplication. The beauty of the app is it lets users try on a McDonald’s uniform virtually through the filtering option.

The potential employee has to record the 10-second video and submit it to Macca’s Snapchat account. Once this step is complete, the app will offer a direct link to the digital careers page and the application form.

Obviously, the online application won’t replace the comprehensive face-to-face interview. Yet, they’ll take it into consideration. Recently, I’ve learned many facets of Snapchat from my teenage daughter. She’s a 14-year old girl that uses Snapchat consistently. In our opinion, this will be the world’s first online application for a company like McDonald’s. Generally, Snaplications are a Snapchat ‘lens’ that allows users the facility of sending their job applications or at least initiate the process through a 10-second snap.

They take pride in being the biggest employer of youngsters in the nation. So, they’re seeking newer and innovative routes for recruiting the crew. They want to reduce traveling hassles for job-seekers in the country. The small Snapchat application should avoid traveling issues for interviews. Even better, this social media application will save time for job-seekers and the company too.

McDonald’s Down Under professes to be the largest employer of the next generation in Australia. Believe it or not, the claims stand vindicated. According to the company, partnering with Snapchat is extremely important. The company aims to reach and recruit thousands of tech-savvy and Snapchat users in the region.

Applications for McDonald’s via Snapchat aren’t new. They began way back on 7th April 2017. However, the chain hasn’t yet confirmed whether it aims on rolling out the same hiring plan in the US too.

Snapchat is popular for being an over-in-10-seconds app. It’s just as fleeting as the fast-food industry. So, they make a perfect match.




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