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Ad Brief: Creating Remote Work Culture

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As COVID-19 continues to affect the way we work, companies everywhere are searching for ways to maintain a healthy work environment without in-person contact. Positive work culture and good communication are vital not only to the effectiveness of projects but also for the overall happiness and well being of your employees. Work culture is what makes you stand out and it creates an environment where employees care about your company’s appearance. A well established work culture will lead to higher quality work in the long run. However, with remote working becoming the new normal it is important for companies to learn strategies to help them create work culture in this new environment.

There are two key parts to developing work culture remotely. Number one is good communication followed by the development of collective values.  Good communication amongst remote teams will lead to tasks being completed on time, an easy flow between work environments whether it by hybrid, remote or in person and creates a supportive environment. Developing collective values is difficult as employees will come from different walks of life however if good communication is encouraged and established, the conversations necessary to unite teams will take place much easier. 

Chris Martinez from DUDE specializes in this exact topic. According to him, “You need to be very conscious of who you are hiring, their strengths and weaknesses, personality types and value systems.” To accomplish this, Martinez encourages companies to use psychometric exams. While they are not cheap, the data they provide is vital to ensuring that employees come together on projects with little to no issues.



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