Ad Brief: The Common Mistakes of Small Businesses

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Operating a small business can create unique challenges that are not experienced by businesses of a larger size. Knowing these challenges before they happen can help you and your business overcome them and succeed. According to Ryan Hall of Black Valley Digital, a lot of small businesses will struggle because they “…don’t know what’s possible with their current marketing assets.” A lot of companies will have a great variety of assets that they do not properly utilize. For example, customer lists have an immense value for email marketing.  Failing to utilize this resource can result in 30-40% of a small business’ revenue ending up on the table.

If there  is one thing that every small business needs to pay close attention to, it is their branding. A strong brand image can have the ability to elevate and position a business in a way that will lead to higher success. It is branding that allows small businesses to distinguish themselves from their competitors. It won’t be possible to properly utilize all resources available until a proper branding strategy is established as that is how your potential customers or clients will recognize you. 

Creating a powerful small business entails many essential criteria. It is important to pay attention to the details and make sure that every possible outcome is looked into and prepared for. From customer lists to social media,  look into all of the potential ways your company can reach out and market to potential customers. While small businesses face many challenges, they also can find immense success. The potential is out there for those who prepare and are not  caught off guard by  the challenges ahead.



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