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executive highlight jeff swartz

Executive Highlight - Jeff Swartz

Jeff Swartz

Ethic Advertising Agency

651 Holiday Drive, Plaza 5, Suite 400 #29
Pittsburgh, PA


What is one tip that you would give to another business owner when it comes to marketing
Have a vision and be strategic in achieving that vision. The right way, in my opinion, when it comes to business, and extending into marketing/advertising, is to have a long term goal/vision of where you want your business and brand to end up. Once you have that, you can work your way backwards to figure out the steps to get there (budgets, campaigns, branding, creative, etc…) It’s like going on a road trip. If you know your final destination, you can plot your pit stops efficiently, but if you do that in reverse you’ll be driving all over the map.

What is the biggest obstacle that you had to overcome in your business?
Learning how to scale.

What excites you most about your industry?
I’m personally most excited about creating successful situations that is enjoyable for all involved. My company is big on our core values (respect, kind boldness, progress, efficiency, and quality) and leveraging these truths to ensure our clients, team, and vendors all have a good experience with us…and a good experience needs to be financially and emotionally fulfilling. I’m excited about share how we work in the advertising space with others.

What is the biggest attribute you look for in a co-worker?
That our company’s core values are their core values and that they have the desire and ability to preform their work well.

What are you most proud of regarding your company?
The culture and growth of our clients and team members.

What concerns you most about your industry?
I have a few concerns about the advertising industry, but one I’m thinking of lately is the impact of technological advancements to smaller businesses. I’m concerned about the evolution of the metaverse, audio home device, AR, VR, and AI because I see them greatly benefiting large brands, but possibly limiting exposure for small businesses or potentially being initially too complex or expensive for them to capitalize on.

How did your career get started?
The start of my career had multiple interesting steps. I decided that I wanted to lead an ad agency when I was in college at the University of Dayton, so I got an internship at a small ad agency in Dayton, OH called The Next Wave. While working there I created and manage my own professional blog where I wrote about anything and everything advertising. One blog was about the Miller Lite Man Laws ad campaign that was running at the time(2006). The blog was noticed by a reporter at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. They reached out to me for an interview, and then that article was noticed by someone at Miller who reached out to me next. I build a relationship with the individual from Miller, did some promotional work for Miller, and then he had a friend working for Cellfire (mobile coupon app company) that gave me my first professional job out of college.

What is your greatest advice for women leaders?
There are some wonderful advantages of being a women leader. Some are natural like a tendency to be more nurturing, caring, empathetic, and passionate, and some are manufactured like women owned business government advantages. It’s okay to view these things as assets and super powers. It’s okay to leverage these types of things, because it’s your responsibility as a leader to do what’s best for the people you are leading.

What non-profit do you have a heart for and how do you support it?
I personally get behind non profits focused on children, education, and animals. I’ve done multiple consults, panels, and guest speaking engagements for schools/universities and non profits, was a dog walker at a local animal shelter, adopted a dog from a hoarding rescue, have sat on committees for DePaul School and Hearing and Speech, and more.

What is a tip for success that you would provide someone in your same industry?
Never stop progressing yourself. Advertising changes all the time, so keep up with it.

How do you define success?
Success is different for all people. For me personally, success if freedom and fulfillment. I want to be free to not miss my kid’s events, grow my business how I think is best, and set a course for my own destiny. Money is absolutely not my main motivator, but a certain level of money does provide freedom. Having a lot of stuff and seeming like I have a lot of money is not success to me though, but being debt free, investing/buying things and experiences that are important to me, saving for retirement, and providing for my family without worrying about living pay check to pay check is my monetary view of success. I also want to be fulfilled by seeing others succeed and by play a role in their success. This could be my teammates, my clients, my family, my friends, etc…

Please provide a short description about your business
Established in 2014, Ethic Advertising Agency began as a one person, full service advertising agency. Over the years, our size and capabilities have evolved the company into a premier digital advertising agency and creative shop. Our mission is to be a catalyst for happy, profitable partners through advertising and creative solutions. We leverage hyper-targeted digital advertising (SEM/PPC, Programmatic, Social, and Native) mixed with effective, beautiful creative (Video, Animation, Graphic Design, and Audio) to place our clients in front of the right people at the right time. Furthermore, Ethic Advertising Agency’s core values (Respect, Efficiency, Quality, Progress, and Kind Boldness) are the pillars of which everything we do stand on.

Our founder, Jeff Swartz, realized his professional dream was to run an advertising agency in 2006 while he was attending college. He knew that in order to launch a successful ad agency, he needed capital and experience, so after a decade of gathering both he launched his dream and hasn’t looked back.

The growth of Ethic Advertising Agency from a full service agency into a digital and creative shop has armed Ethic Advertising with some unique advantages.

Most digital advertising companies don’t provide high quality creative and vice versa for creative shops. Ethic Advertising Agency provides both because the targeting and the message are equally as important. We have clients that use us for just creative, others that use us for just advertising services, and many that utilize both services.
We understand the importance of all advertising and marketing efforts. Remember, we started as a full service advertising agency. In fact, we still offer most of those services to select clients. But digital programmatic advertising is the future and we are focused on being one of the best at it. The work we do should complement and mesh well with our clients’ entire advertising and marketing campaign.
Constant optimization. We are not a set it and forget it programmatic vendor. We are a hands-on agency that has strategic protocols to try to make optimal tweaks to a campaign throughout it’s flight.
We care. Our culture is people-centric. We believe that it’s important to provide an enjoyable, quality experience for our clients, staff, and partners through achieving goals and problem solving. It’s not about clicks, impressions, creative, etc…it’s about helping people and businesses achieve their dreams through the tools we know how to work with best.

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