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On “Media Champions”, we sit down with media buyers and outlets to discuss different ways to deliver more effective marketing plans. Our guest provides insight and information to help you plan, spend, and achieve better results for your investment.

About Mary Therese Griffin

As an award winning television journalist and radio personality the world of communication is my life. Humbled to be a 2019 inductee into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame! My years of experience in Marketing and Public Relations combined with Broadcasting and Journalism have enabled me to tell some of the greatest stories to be published, aired or posted on various social media platforms with positive results!

What Will We Cover In The Interview?

Because we know the trending topics in the media are constantly evolving, the subject matter of the interview can be adjusted to what best fits our guest needs. Pretty cool right? We typically focus on highlighting our guest, diving into their back story, and discussing topics relative to today’s media trends.
Some of the questions our host asks will be similar the preshow questionnaire or the questions below: 
  • What’s your favorite part of what you do?
  • Tell me about an an “aha moment” with a client who actually took your advice and saw success!
  • What do people NOT get about digital/social media?
  • Give me your elevator pitch for your company.
  • How did YOU get here doing what you do?

Past Shows

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Daily Ad Brief has opportunities to showcase people in the marketing and advertising space and allow them to be part of the story. From ad briefs on industry trends, to DAB’s TV segments, Award Series and recognition of those involved in philanthropy, DAB is here to share the stories of those doing amazing work and lifting their communities. We at Simpli.fi, not only want to recognize those who do good, but want to be a leading collective voice in the media industry. Daily Ad Brief is owned by Simpli.fi and has a team to make this all possible. You do not have to be a Simpli.fi customer to be a part of our community. If you have an idea for a story, want to highlight a team member for their leadership or join one of our conversations, we would love to hear how we can include you in our content. This is our way to give a larger voice to those who have great things to share.
If you are an expert in an area, we would love to talk about bringing you back on
5-7 minutes
Set a meeting with Mike White, our executive producer at dailyadbrief.com/mikewhite
No, this is a FREE editorial interview. Instead of writing lots of blogs, we share interviews with experts in the industry with our thousands of followers. We will provide you a link to your interview within 2-4 business days
Webcam and a Headset and fast internet
Most of our interviews are remote, but our physical studios, that you can always visit, are at 1611 San Marco Blvd in Jacksonville FL
We are all available, but our producer is the coordinator of the interviews. Please email producer@dailyadbrief.com or you can set a meeting with our executive producer Mike White at dailyadbrief.com/mikewhite
We distribute the interviews to Dailyadbrief.com as well as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Iwantabuzz.com and many sites that news organizations pull content from. We also pull from segments to make up 30 minute shows that could air on NBC/ABC affiliates in different markets