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Ad Brief: What Is One Thing You Would Tell a New Marketer?

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People often wish they could go back to the beginning of their career or business venture with the knowledge they have now and start-over. With many students graduating from school this time of year, it seems appropriate for us to offer some advice from those who have experience for these students entering the workforce. We asked our guests what they thought would be important for a new marketer to know starting out in the industry.

Allison Timura from Insignia Group said “The biggest thing they need to focus on is who are you talking to,” because if you do not know who your audience is then you will miss them. Timura points to the algorithm and being able to find your customer hinging on knowing that vital knowledge.

Danielle Cevallos from Kelly Roach Coaching thinks the fundamentals of good marketing are the foundation that any good marketer needs to build their skills upon in order to have long-term success. “When you focus on solely learning digital marketing, you really lose out on the timeless principles of just good marketing,” says Cevallos.

Similarly, Jenny Smuland from NEA Member Benefits urges new marketers to ‘Do the work themselves.” There is a great value in learning and mastering the different tools in digital marketing. Smuland is convinced that firsthand knowledge is an advantage when building a campaign for a client.

Speaking from an international perspective, Vijay Sajja from Evergent highlights a marketer’s ability to “Differentiate.” Sajja recommends focusing on what makes a product or business unique and knowing your customer. He says, “Continue to focus on differentiation and the value to the consumer.”

For Jake Dazzeo from Watson Digital, a new marketer can to try to do too much and should not attempt to be a generalist. Dazzeo says, “Become a specialist,” as a first goal because this will lead a new marketer to success early on. And, that specialization can be built upon. Our guests share more details and insights in each of their interviews. Follow the links to learn more.


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