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Ad Brief: What Is the Biggest Obstacle For a Marketer to Overcome?

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Some individuals will be taking a vacation or checking-out for the next couple of months while others will continue to search for success. It is important to know that every person faces obstacles along the path to success. More specifically, what are the obstacles to give attention to as a marketer climbing to success. For those who are looking for a breakthrough, listen to what the successful marketers on our show have experienced.

The biggest obstacle facing Frank Demming from Local Business Marketing Solutions was dealing with the clients’ belief. His clients thought they had already tried everything. But, Demming says, “Non-equipped agencies” need to see proof, “We have to have the tools in place and demonstrate what makes us different, and show up with some results.”

For others like Calyn Walker from Practically Perfect, the obstacle is having too many options. Walker says, “…It is really easy to go to the bright shiny light, right, the next, new thing,…” but those are a distraction in her experience. She emphasizes focusing on the fundamentals of storytelling, understanding the value one brings to a client, and finding the right platform. In her mind, It is having a plan and being consistent on the journey.

Michael Polumbo from Votary Films reveals the obstacle can be internal. Finding your identity as a brand can be the struggle a marketer has to overcome. “Having the balance of ‘Who are we?’ and ‘Who are we going after?'”

On the other hand, Ted Giraitis-Quaye from TSQ Marketing thinks the obstacle is external. He says, “It’s just, information is constantly changing.” A marketer has to make decisions about what information is relevant and what new developments are worth learning as outside forces continue to innovate and change the marketing landscape.

Hilary Sutton from HSL Digital makes it simple. “What is most important?,” she proposes this as the most important question as she reflects on the amount of distractions and limitations each of us face. Sutton offers her advice for removing the obstacle by asking, “What is the needle the most?” Our guests share more details and insights in each of their interviews. Follow the links to learn more.


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