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“Ad Brief:” How Do You Build Audience Engagement in Today’s Market?

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Creating content to engage your clients and consumers is critical, regardless of the industry of your business. Audiences interacting with your brand keeps it fresh in their minds and can also help drive better lead generation or receive better feedback from clients. While you don’t need to measure every metric like view counts, likes, or comments, your business can utilize specific metrics to help you achieve your goals. This week’s Ad Brief looks at what experts in the field have to say about building engagement in today’s market.

Marketing expert Kevin Boyd from West Fork Whiskey Co. says it’s important that you are all about your product, not merely representing it. Using his own company and their focus on whiskey as an example, they got in their audiences heads and recognized that most whiskey drinkers drink their whiskey to have fun. As such, they’ve kept a consistent voice and created high-quality content around the idea of fun! “If your quality is there and your content is fantastic and you keep that voice and you keep people informed,” explains Boyd, “People follow; people engage.” You can place these messages on traditional social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. While the content needs to improve to go up against increasing competition, the methods are currently tried and true.

Melih Oztalay from SmartFinds Marketing warns that you cannot be in marketing without knowing things are going to continue to change. If you are able to adapt quickly as the trends and industry shift, then Oztalay believes you will glide through most challenges you’ll face. However, if you fight the changes, you will quickly fall behind your competition as trends to drive engagement are changing faster than ever. “One of the things I talk about a lot are my four A’s of digital marketing,” reveals Oztalay, “You have to Anticipate change, you need to Accept change,…you need to Adapt to the changes, and then you need to Adopt those changes.”

Oztalay does warn that bigger changes to engagement are coming soon. Those who are used to traditional social media ad placement are in for a big surprise when the Metaverse launches. This will quickly become the next level and the new norm. This will become the “new social media,” albeit in a new and more complex form. This isn’t bad, this is merely a change to prepare for.

On the topic of social media, Andrea Popova from CPGD doubles down on the unpredictable nature of social media today. Popova explains this by stating that “you make 1,000 great videos and you make one stupid video and the stupid video is the one that goes viral.” Brand engagement today struggles with how to tailor unique content to individual social media sites and how to spend thousands of dollars on platforms like TikTok that are inconsistent on return. While this makes it hard to have a hard and fast solution for all business marketing, you can watch the trends to see what works for you and what doesn’t.


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