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“Ad Brief:” How Do You Distinguish Audience Profiles Between Social Media Platforms?

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For many businesses, social media plays an important part in their online marketing campaigns. However, with the variety of online social platforms that exist, attempting to handle social media across every platform can be time consuming and is likely an unnecessary waste of time and resources. Brands may have a hard time trying to discern which audiences on which social media platforms are worth focusing more on. As with many things, your target audience is the key determiner in narrowing of your brand’s social media focus, however other factors exist as well when it comes to finding audience profiles across platforms. In this Ad Brief, we asked experts what they do to distinguish audience profiles between social media platforms.

Abe Kasbo from Verasoni thinks that social media is a challenge to be solved by most businesses. “If you look at organic reach on Facebook, for example,” says Kasbo, “The organic reach on Facebook is basically every time you post it’s about 2%.” For a more detailed example, for every 1000 followers you have, you only reach about 20 of them and you may only gather one engagement. Because of this, Kasbo believes you should focus more on relevancy and building audiences where you want them, even on platforms like email. For social media, look at where you can build the audience, where it can be a challenge, where it is relevant to you, and never lose sight of the audience.

For Darrell Vanterpool from Wepa Marketing, he recommends keyword research and competitor analysis. Focus on your competition and what you want to be trending in. You want everything to match your brand identity so you are matching to the right people. For example, a your company could go to Instagram or TikTok, let’s say. On Instagram, everything is aesthetically-driven. However, TikTok requires you to share some sort of information. So figure out your brand and which may be right for you and then find the audiences once you’re there.

Brian Dolan from WorkReduce states that it’s about finding the professional talent who can best find that audience for you. Sometimes, even following all the advice, an outside expert is necessary to make the most informed decision. Dolan believes in outside help in helping him and his clients find their audience profiles.


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