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“Ad Brief:” What Are Ways a Business Can Stand Out?

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Whether you are an advertising agency yourself or you are hiring a marketing agency to handle your outreach, your marketing can be almost anywhere. From television to social media to the internet and even direct mail, your consumers are inundated with hundreds advertisements on the daily. As such, you need focuses and strategies to stand out from the rest of the space and stay in your consumers’ minds. In this Ad Brief, we’ve assembled answers from marketing experts in the space on how they either stand out themselves or help their clients break out of the noise.

For Katelyn Rhoades from Enfluence Marketing Studio, they help their clients stand out by having monthly meetings where they ask what makes the business different and why customers should choose them over a competitor. Make sure your answer is personable, shows your personality, and humanizes your brand. You then need to take your company’s unique answers and turn them into a story. “How can you be entertaining but also educate your clients?” Rhoades asks to focus your story direction. With all of the service providers out there, your consumers will choose your company based on who you are and what you stand for, so stand out with your humanized “why” in all of your marketing and show what you stand for.

Expert Kim Palmiero from Postindustrial Media LLC frequently finds businesses coming to them seeking a large growth in their following. They start by setting measurable goals in the front end, even if those goals are brand awareness. Then, find the best routes to act on those goals. However, if you truly want to stand out, you need to realize that your marketing is an investment, not a one-time solution. You can create limited-time campaigns to achieve a short-term goal, but you must keep with consistent marketing to build brand awareness.

Adding to this idea, Wes Morton from Creativ Strategies found that starting niche and narrow helped them right off the bat. By having a depth of knowledge on your or your client’s area of focus, you can create more meaningful content. Tell those meaningful stories to showcase more specifically what makes your company unique from its competitors. This will not only help your company as a business, but this will also help your clients if you are a marketing firm.

Kelli Schutrop from Parqa believes it should all come back to the business’s objectives, whatever they may be. Schutrop starts by strategically discovering a measurement model by asking what the owner is seeking to accomplish and how marketing, specifically, can influence those numbers. Marketing is meant to draw people in, like a theme park. If you create a memorable experience, your consumers will keep coming back. One way to do this is by breaking down any silos between your marketing teams, your sales teams, and your technology. For example, if you are a company currently investing in marketing automations, be sure to have a competent marketing team to maximize the effectiveness of the technology.

As a final note, Rhoades emphasizes that if you are hopping on the growing short-form video trends like TikTok and Instagram Reels, stay on top of the ever-changing trends to stay relevant and up-to-date so your consumers will always be drawn to your messaging.


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