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“Ad Brief:” What is the Difference Between Content Marketing and Content Creation?

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Marketing and advertising professionals know the importance of making a content marketing strategy, but many often wonder whether to focus more on content marketing or content creation. Some even wonder what the major differences are between the two, as they overlap quite a bit. In order to properly plan your budget and bandwidth for a campaign, you should ask yourself whether you’re focusing more on content creation or content marketing. More importantly, do you know the differences between the two? In this Ad Brief, marketing experts in the field discuss how fellow marketers can accurately define where content creation ends and where content marketing begins.

For Robert Reilly from Mixed Handed Branding, content creation is about ensuring content is consistent. You should figure out what your core competencies are, what makes your business who you are, and what are the things that make you stand out. Content marketing, on the other hand, are the channels the created content goes out on. “What we’re seeing is, you know, a lot of people think it’s just social media that’s the only way you’re going to get your message out there,” explains Reilly, “What we’ve found is you’ve got to use a lot of different ways to get your message out.” Finding where your audience spends time is a major aspect of the content marketing side. Content marketing, therefore, should be looked at as a separate aspect from content creation.

Experts like George Wight from Tokenizz specify somebody always has to be selling something, even while trying to make compelling content. “The evolution of the way content development has gone,” says Wight, “is branded narrative and product placement, and now ultra short form.” This focus on narrative is an art form that is more important now than ever before. Even still, you have to use your technology to deliver your specific message and convert it to clicks. Essentially, you should use the content creation to improve your content marketing.

Cameron Gilmore from Blue Fire Leads says good marketers should spend their time in R&D, but understand not everybody will respond favorably to your ad even with all the research behind it. Even still, you should use your research to deliver a better message to your specific and researched audience. Content marketing is best when you’re using it to understand your audience’s area and personalities. “When you understand the space and the lane that you’re in,” says Gilmore,” You are going to be a great marketer.” All you need to do is use the content marketing to specify your content creation.

In addition, Josh Satler from Blue Polo Interactive says you need compelling content, especially in today’s marketing world. “Nowadays, most people on the B2B side do a ton of research before they ever come to a vendor or a client,” explains Satler, “So without that great content, you’re not really going to have a chance with a brand to influence a buyer.” If your goal is to drive audiences to your site, low quality content won’t cut it. You need high-quality content to earn their trust. To Satler, both content creation and marketing need to work in unity to lift the other up and, ultimately, help your company succeed.


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