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“Ad Brief:” What Needs to be Present to Ensure a Successful Marketing Campaign?

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Behind every successful marketing campaign is a team weighing which strategies are worth including to achieve their goals. From rebranding to a product launch or to just keeping your company top of mind, every campaign is backed by strategies and focus meant to reach and entice your target audience.

At a time when technology has made online sales easier than ever and able to reach greater and greater audiences, its essential your company has all of the necessary requirements for a successful marketing campaign. In this Ad Brief, we’ve asked experts what they believe the most necessary elements are to include in your campaign.

Mo Regalado from MoVO Media Marketing thinks the biggest thing that confuses people on a social media marketing campaign is that you need to be building a community. However, that’s not enough. You also need to be sure to engage with that community in the comments under your post whenever possible to create that engagement. “It’s really imperative that brands,” says Regalado “Pay attention to what people are actually saying online.” If this isn’t achievable with your company, consider reaching out to someone to help you actualize this element of the marketing campaign.

For Bridgett Holden from SHE Bridges PR, the most important thing is having a digital footprint, which includes: social media, websites, media kits, and electronic press kits. You need all of the above, as a potential client may be lured in by social media, but will quickly find their way to your website. From there, they can find your media or press kits for further information. It’s a clean funnel from A to B, but you need all the steps in-between.

Efa Mboto from Noceans Media looks back at the growth of the video trend in marketing that has been perpetuated since the beginning of COVID-19. With pretty much everyone going into video content creation, it is equally as important to consider including a video element to your own campaign. However, with restrictions lifting, is it as important as it once was? Mboto raises the question as well. “You don’t want to just drop your digital audience now that you have a physical audience again,” asks Mboto, “So how do you meld the two and not feel like one is being served more than the other?” The idea to discuss in your campaign planning is how to balance your digital audience and your returning phyical audience or which to prioritize.

Judy Shapiro from Topic Intelligence believes that it’s all about creating free content for your consumer. While that is harder than it sounds, Shapiro believes it’s essential. “You need an engine to understand the topics that your customers care about,” explains Shapiro, “And just roll up your sleeves and create great content.” The key is to not just make content, but to make meaningful content for your audience. If you do that, she believes the audiences will come to you.


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