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“Ad Brief:” What Trends Have You Seen Develop in the Marketing Space?

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The marketing space is constantly moving and changing. Within the last two years, businesses have seen a drastic shift to a focus on digital marketing and hybrid business models. As brick and mortar businesses reopened, the landscape shifted once again. With all of these changes, keeping up with the trends isn’t always easy. In order to stay ahead, this Ad Brief asks marketing experts in the space what trends they are seeing, and how they adjust to the changes.

Pardees Safizadeh from Albaloo has been majorly affected by the hybrid model of business found in many companies. While the benefits can outweigh the difficulties, Safizadeh has found it is harder to get people in front of sales and marketing IP with limited numbers of people working in their company offices. As well, Safizadeh brings up the new privacy laws coming into play. “We’re trying to find more innovative ways without breaking the privacy laws,” she explains, “So we are actually able to track those business users…wherever they’re at.” Regardless of who you’re marketing to, remember you are marketing to a person. Thus, you need to keep an eye out whether the person you’re marketing to is acting more like a B2B client or more like a consumer.

Expert Kenya Reynolds from Kay Reynolds Consulting has seen an upsettingly large amount of performance allyship. Most surprising, however, is that there’s still a lot of ambiguity, confusion, and ignorance around accurate representation in marketing campaigns. “It’s so important for media to have that representation,” says Reynolds, “You need to actually create a brand new ad with the right people and the right messaging.” Marketers who expect to just change out the actors in a particular ad and keep the messaging the same will find out quickly that they are losing audiences, as messaging for one community is not the same for everyone. Be authentic with representation, as audiences can see through performance allyship.

To add to the topic of new developments, Jennifer Choo from Theorem says that the focus for marketers hasn’t changed Marketers must still focus on what the consumer is looking for. However, what the consumer is looking for has been changing with the rise of NFTs, the Metaverse, and AI. Choo believes we’ll see more progression in these focuses, and your solution bases will become more “customer experience facing, more client-adaptable, user-friendly” and an increased diversity in leveraging AI to increase engagement.

Lastly, sports marketer Nick Constantino from Dickey Media Company emphasizes the new importance and resurgence of audio in today’s marketing mixes. Audio allows people to multitask, which makes it more likely to be heard by busy audiences. Radio commentators are still relevant today, but you need to package and present them to consumers in a more relevant space. “The advertisers, they like it even more,” adds Constantino, “You’re creating imagery in peoples’ heads as opposed to, kind of, shoving it down their throats with TVV where they’re envisioning what you want them to.” Don’t discount the popularity of audio in today’s market.


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