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Ad Brief: What key concepts have brought you and your clients success?

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With all of the changes that have occurred in the internet this year, it is good to know that some things have remained the same. The keys to success for the successful marketers we spoke with have not changed. Hard work, learning, understanding the needs of your client, and human behavior have been the path to success for the individuals we spoke with this week.

Renee Miller of The Miller Group has experienced many of the changes over her long career. She says, “As much as things change, they stay the same.” It is still about strategy and it is easy to be distracted with tactics. The client still needs to have conversions and wants to see their investment produce value.

For Tony Yang of RevOptica, taking the time to find the data and format it to be easily understood was a manual process. “What I had to do was manually look into each of these records and create a visual… Where I graphed out all the different interactions we had had with this particular company over a period of time. It was all a very manual process. The data was all residing in those systems.” This hard work and willingness to do manual work has opened the doorway to success for him.

Similarly, Rick Schirmer of Viral Brand has spent many years learning about human behavior and shares with us his combination for success. He calls it, “A one, two punch”


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