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Ad Brief: Advice for the New Digital Marketer

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As the world of digital marketing changes constantly, it can be intimidating to enter the field. From Facebook advertising to learning how to generate traffic, it seems as though there are endless things you need to learn and master. While there is a lot, there’s no need to fear! We asked some experienced digital marketers what their best tips for new digital marketers are!   

For Shayna Brody from Waitt Institute the key is staying open minded. “Think of yourself as a jack of all trades,” she says. It’s important to try and gain an understanding of as many skills as possible to make yourself valuable. From press releases to graphics try to make yourself valuable to everyone. In fact, this is even more valuable for finding your niche. By exploring many different venues, you will find what you specialize in (and enjoy) the most. While no one can be a master of everything, it is far better to understand some than be a master of none. 

Odette Peralta of the Social Savvy wants newbies to remember the importance of the audience. “Something that we always share with our clients or team members that are new is just because you like something doesn’t necessarily mean your demographic is going to like it.” she says. It’s important to know your audience well and make sure what you do is directed with them in mind.



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