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Ad Brief: Being a Responsible Marketer

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Marketing is not easy, it takes a lot of skill in order to understand what your client needs and when. While there are patterns, every company is different and has their own unique set of needs. Furthermore, the business is always changing and it’s important to be quick on your feet so you can keep up or, better yet, stay ahead of the curve. Becoming the marketing expert for a company is no small task, it requires a keen eye and good ear. So how can you make sure you are a responsible marketer? We asked various experts to find out. 

Ross Patrick from XtraBold Agency encourages people to have fun. It’s important to build connections and one of the best ways is to make sure you have the best energy in the room when you walk in. According to him, this is a never ending quest. “Whether you are in the marketing boardroom or taking on some serious client issues, grapple with that! But when it’s time to really do what we do, let’s have some fun with it otherwise at the end of it we are just a bunch of boring tired people.” Enjoy the journey of trying to understand marketing, having that 

Kim Crowder from Kim Crowder Consulting counts on her team. She understands that teamwork makes the dreamwork and it’s important to have strong people in your corner. Kim also points out the importance of knowing what is happening. Check social media, stay up to date with trends and observe the habits of people online; that diligence pays off in the long run. “We are having regular conversations with folks who are not only consumers but also creating within organizations. We are always looking for that tie. What’s the tie? What’s the gap there? Some people are having one conversation and others are having another.” Kim understands the importance of communication when it comes to understanding an audience especially in the case of populations historically overlooked by corporate America.



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