Ad Brief: Being Successful in Video Marketing

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Did you know that 1200% more shares are generated by social videos than text and images combined? That’s right, video marketing is the way to go when it comes to reaching your audience and a successful video marketing campaign can take your company to the next level! However, that’s easier said than done. A successful video marketing campaign is more than clicking record and adding some cool edits, there’s a lot of thought that has to be put into the planning stage. 

Like with any campaign, first and foremost it’s important to establish your goals and know what you are working towards. Have a clear vision of your company’s brand and how you want that to be interpreted by your audience. Geoffrey Klein from Nine Dots says “It’s not about how good something looks, how polished it looks but whether it’s effective or not in sharing the right message to the right audience.” Having a good understanding of your brand will in turn lead to a good understanding of who your audience is. 

When creating your content, it’s important to not come off as salesy. Of course, you are making all of this to sell a product to a potential customer, but we don’t want to come across like an aggressive pop up ad. Tell a story and try to ignite strong emotions. Try to hook your viewer, don’t shove your product down their throat. What is the value that you bring to the audience? 

It’s these characteristics that make for a successful video campaign. As long as you establish this foundation, the rest is sure to come. Be genuine and transparent  in your efforts, audiences today are more aware than ever and won’t appreciate having the wool pulled over their eyes. Plan your video marketing campaign with them in the front of your mind and success will be just a few steps away.



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