Ad Brief: Content Marketing Tips

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Around the world there are currently over 4 billion social media users; that’s a lot of opportunities for your brand to engage! The best way to create brand awareness and interact with potential customers? Content marketing. It’s a marketing strategy focused on creating, publishing, and distributing valuable and relevant content online to a targeted audience and is key to establishing long-term growth. Yet despite its importance, plenty of companies still struggle with creating and implementing quality content marketing.

When it comes to creating content marketing there are three key characteristics that create a strong foundation: knowing your brand, knowing your goals and knowing your audience. Knowing your brand and company values is vital, this is the cornerstone of all your marketing endeavors. Sean Dudayev from Frootful Marketing observes that one of the common issues amongst companies struggling with content marketing is that they “…are not value driven enough. Companies are focused on content around what I like to call ‘look-at-me marketing.’ They’re talking about themselves, they’re talking about their features, they’re talking about they’re software but they aren’t focused on talking about their customer’s queries.” Ask yourself how you can serve your audience, not how they can serve you. 

Once your brand/values have been established the next step is to lay out your goals. Where do you visualize your campaign heading, what numbers do you want to reach? Your goals should be more than just how many views you want, tie your content back to your overall marketing strategy. Simply crafting and publishing content is not enough; however, you have to identify your target audience and decide how your content can best serve that group.

The purpose of content marketing is to attract the right audience but you can’t write content for an audience you don’t know. Create a buyer persona and figure out the ideal customer served by your product or service. Having this information for your team to refer to will help them create content that speaks to them while they go through the buyer’s journey.



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