Ad Brief: Marketing Strategies for Local versus National Companies

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No matter the size of the company, marketing is important. However the marketing strategies used can differ in how they are carried out between large national companies and smaller local businesses. The budgets are different, the talent available could be more limited and the audience metrics will be more narrowed down when working locally. However, while there are differences, there is a lot that small businesses can learn from national companies. The strategies used by companies like Coca-Cola can be brought down to a local size; it just takes a little research. Joe Cox from Pop Marketer says “Popular culture and marketing, I think anyone big and small can utilize what pop culture does to capture an audience’s attention. It’s not just for the Nikes and the Coca-Colas that can afford a Star Wars licence.”

A local business’ budget most likely won’t cover the hiring of a national celebrity, however there are sure to be celebrities known locally that a small business can obtain. Think sports mascots, political heads in the community or even known personalities in the area! For the local business it’s all about community. Where a national company can sponsor a large film festival, the small business has to rely on community festivals, contests and seasonal events. Even sponsoring school events like highschool sports or drama performances can spread the word about your company. 

When it comes down to it though, what really matters is your branding. Joe Cox says, “No matter big or small, what are you trying to accomplish and how well is your brand known?” Not having a strong brand identity will lead to a poorly planned and carried out marketing strategy. Know your goals, know your audience and know your brand in order to ensure success.



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