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Ad Brief: What else goes into a digital marketing campaign?

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In today’s high-tech world, it’s a safe assumption to say that a significant portion of your marketing strategy is focused on digital marketing. With consumers and businesses both having an increasingly online presence, marketers have quickly adapted to become experts on digital marketing strategies. But marketing is often more than just digital, and the plethora of items to focus on when creating your marketing strategy can be staggering. With an ever-changing and ever-expanding marketplace, what should you focus on to create an effective marketing strategy? We spoke to various individuals in the field in order to better understand what to focus on and how it helps.

Michael Kaufman of Kaufman Advertising emphasizes the importance of traditional marketing in an age when digital seems to be taking the forefront. Having seen the success of traditional marketing, he believes good marketing is a mix of traditional and digital, depending on your reach and budget.

For Melih Oztalay from SmartFinds Marketing, the word is “engaged.” It’s all about getting your visitors to engage with your client after they’ve seen the ad. There are a number of tools out there that can give you data on the consumers and the reach of your ad, but the real trick is figuring out how use the data and understand your website visitors. “We’re talking about engaging website visitors actively,” says Melih. By using these tools to understand the audience, you can minimize the guesswork and feed the necessary call to action based on the research.

Laura Patrick from 4Corners Productions says that you need to use analytics to show your client or sponsors why advertising with your company is the best thing for them. This symbiosis from the analytics drives people to advertising with you since the numbers reassure them that they will be seen and heard. “It’s a lot of optics that go into it that you do have to share with kind of partnerships, “says Laura, “But I think ultimately it also tells you whether anybody is paying attention to what you’re putting out there.” This is the same for the advertising and the content creation processes.

Gil Aranowitz of The Best Words Win warns advertisers that the messaging mix can go awry when clients lose sight of what their customers want to focus in on their latest features and innovations. Many companies get so caught up in chasing tactical messaging in their media that the messaging gets neglected. You should be working with your clients to get back to the success narrative from the perspective of the consumer. Once you’ve articulated how the company can make the consumer successful, put that on their websites, social, etc.


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