A New McDonald’s Unit Focuses on Customer Data

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A customer experience team will focus on encouraging diners to transition effortlessly between online and in-person ordering as the fast-food behemoth ramps up its embryonic rewards program.

McDonald’s has formed a new corporate team to focus on how customers engage with the firm as it attempts to persuade customers to move more freely between digital and in-person ordering.

Customer data acquired through McDonald’s digital platforms will be used by the customer experience team, according to CEO Chris Kempczinski. It will unite the digital, delivery, drive-thru, marketing, and core menu departments under a single CEO.

“The formation of the customer experience team strengthens McDonald’s ability to lead the industry in anticipating and delivering on customer needs at every part of the brand journey, which increasingly extends beyond the walls of the physical restaurant through digital, delivery and drive thru,” said Kempczinski.

The announcement comes as McDonald’s begins promoting its new MyMcDonald’s Rewards program. The long-awaited initiative, which allows the company to analyze customer behavior and urge consumers to purchase more, premiered roughly two weeks ago-years after comparable programs at places like Starbucks.

The new customer experience team, which will comprise the company’s data analytics, digital customer interaction, global restaurant development, and restaurant solutions teams, will be fueled by data gathered through the rewards program and other sources. To head the team, McDonald’s appointed Manu Steijaert to the newly established position of executive VP and global chief customer officer. He will report to Kempczinski and will begin on August 1st. Alistair Macrow, senior VP and global chief marketing officer, is among those who report to Steijaert.

Steijaert has been the Vice President of International Operated Markets since 2019, but his first job at McDonald’s was in 1987 when he began working at restaurants owned by his parents in Belgium.

“Our customers are at the heart of everything we do at McDonald’s, and we have reached a pivotal moment when technology and data have begun to shape nearly every facet of the customer experience.”

McDonald’s said that Steijaert, who is currently located in the Netherlands, wishes to relocate to Chicago.

McDonald’s has been digitizing its drive-thru and in-store experiences and has implemented new technology to assist with this effort. They implemented a new technology that allows automated ordering and payment as well as technologies that alert workers when customers are coming for speedy pickup.

For years, the corporation has worked to reduce drive-thru waits by simplifying menus and making other changes. During the epidemic, it saw some of its efforts pay off in the form of higher same-store sales.





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