How Auto Trader boosted performance marketing by taking a test-and-learn approach

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Auto Trader has partnered with AppNexus to improve click-based performance and maintain an increasingly competitive market share.

In the context of an increasingly competitive automotive market, Auto Trader has entered the acceleration and made significant advances in its marketing strategy to maintain its market share.

The mission is very simple. Increase transparency, drive viewer growth and engagement, and gain insight into viewing activity. This is something the brand admits to being difficult and time-consuming due to the complex setup and small team.

To turn the wheel, Auto Trader implemented a strategy at the end of 2017 with the help of AppNexus to dramatically improve the performance of campaigns with a wide range of KPIs – a move which won it the Programmatic and Performance Marketing category at the Marketing Week Masters Awards in 2018.

Auto Trader used an agile test-and-learning approach to improve results by up to 90%

AutoTrader Awards included the use of the AppNexus Programmable Platform (APP), a new DSP product designed to reduce campaign setup and improve performance based on click.

Taking a modular approach to achieve merchant goals using machine learning algorithms such as “Discovery”, “Ranking”, “Bid” and customer communication Regularly, the APP delivers line items and campaigns. Integrating the object into the new line item interface, it helps traders save time and increase clarity when setting up campaigns.

In fact, Auto Trader used an agile test-and-learning approach to improve results by up to 90%. Campaign setup has been reduced significantly, saving up to three hours of manual labor and free time to focus on other business priorities.

Ongoing product testing was the key to the project’s success. In the beginning, a single application campaign was allocated a modest budget for prospecting, while more budget was allocated to other campaigns depending on the ease of implementation and performance.

After enough data was collected there was clear evidence of better performance, which led Auto Trader to test identical live test campaigns on another large DSP that would be running at the same time as APP. The data from it gave an indication of their respective returns.

Communication between Auto Trader and AppNexus was also critical to ensuring that both parties understood the goals set equally, which resulted in Auto Trader delivering effective strategies to a relevant and engaged audience.

Based on its success, Auto Trader plans to increase spending by approximately 40% this year and will continue to be an AppNexus Beta Partner for the foreseeable future as more technologies are developed and tested.



How Auto Trader boosted performance marketing by taking a test and learn approach


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