How Kellogg has Prepared for the Surge in e-Commerce by Enhancing the Talent and Boosting the Technology

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The online sales of the company have almost doubled after it has invested in hiring some of the specialized experts for digital marketing. They have helped in building out a platform which has made it really helpful too. The pandemic has changed a lot of things especially the way customers buy or shop for different products.

Based on the new normal, CPG retailers and companies have been trying out different methods that can meet the demands of e-commerce. According to a report of 2020, most of the brands were not prepared for the pandemic situation. But according to Kellogg, they didn’t require to scramble much. They also mentioned that they did not have to make any such dramatic change in their operations as they were already prioritizing e-commerce. This statement was made by the chief global digital consumer and customer experience officer named Julie Bowerman.

Kellogg is a popular company that was founded in the year 1906. With time, it has made e-commerce and digital marketing one of the major parts of the strategy. For that, they built out some of the platforms essential for this transition as well as they made investments in hiring the experts for this space. According to Bowerman, these investments and preparations have helped the company to face the pandemic situation in a positive way and increase online sales effectively.

Amid the huge crisis in the health sector, this company has successfully doubled their business as the percentage of the global retail sales have increased to about 6% in the second quarter of the year 2020. It has also expanded e-commerce in every marketing sector. So, Bowerman said that their investment has paid off successfully and will continue to provide benefits in the long run as well.

Even before the Coronavirus hit the world, the company was doing really great. The accelerated growth continued even through the pandemic situation and it will continue to be great too as the markets are opening at different places now.

these investments and preparations have helped the company to face the pandemic situation in a positive way and increase online sales effectively

B2B e-Commerce Hirings

According to the reports of Digital Commerce360, Kellogg hired a lot of people with specialization in the e-commerce sector. But Bowerman said that hiring e-commerce experts for the food industry can be quite tricky at times. The e-commerce of the food and beverage sector is still in the growing space and hence it can be difficult to find experienced professionals for this job.

Some of the specialized hires made by Kellogg include senior managers for e-commerce and a person to focus on the marketing of e-commerce. Marketing specialists for e-commerce can drive a considerable amount of traffic to the company’s website. They also help in increasing the conversion rate as well as they can improve searchability.

According to Julie Bowerman, the demand is really high for this type of talent in the market. There are many industries that sell the products or services directly to the customers online and these specialists have a better understanding of that process. But you need to look for talents too who know how the e-commerce process can be tracked from various online retailers.

Hence, it is important to find a talent who can really understand this process as well as the model. There are some of the specialized talents with great resumes that you can go looking for. The inclusion of such talents in the team can help you to create a perfect e-commerce team with a great blend of talents.

While focusing on teamwork, Kellogg is not just including specialized talents with digital knowledge. In fact, they are also training their existing employees about e-commerce and how to be prepared for the digital era. Here, they are trained with the basics of digitalization as well as the sales in the traditional method.

According to Bowerman, Kellogg doesn’t only give the opportunity or responsibility of e-commerce to the employees holding titles but also trains every employee to have some knowledge about the space and process of e-commerce.

With all these amazing tactics, tools, and investments, Kellogg has shown an impeccable result applying the best strategies from the top e-commerce talents in the market. This shows that digitalization is more than just some strategic points written on the paper. Even the top e-commerce talents want to come to a company or business that has implemented the structure in the right way.

As you can see Kellogg has implemented digitalization and has started the journey a few years back. This has provided them with the scope and time to enhance their infrastructure. Besides the staff members, Kellogg’s investments have improved the digital tools too. These have become a huge part of its development and success too. Along with this, Kellogg has also decided in investing some of the resources such as review and rating tracker, centralized data management system, search tracker, etc.

As Bowerman said, these resources can drive traffic to the business page. Also, these can influence the way your customers make any decision about purchasing any service or product from that brand. Bowerman also said that Kellogg has also built a B2B platform in the global e-commerce sector that can allow the customers for implementing and executing different activities seamlessly.

While technology and clothing brands sell products directly to the customers, food and beverages companies like Kellogg’s e-commerce have to sell through the retailers. Grocery consumers will not go to individual platforms by specific brands to get one box of cereals. They will go to a departmental store or retailer with different products from different brands.

In a presentation held at Barclay’s in 2020, Monica McGurk who is the Chief Growth Officer addressed that Kellogg uses modern tools and analytics for more penetration. According to her, about 90% of the total global e-commerce sales have been produced by its best 20 brands. Approximately 30% of the global e-commerce sales come from outside the United States.

McGurk even added that now they have the best data as well as the analytics for reaching out to every household. According to her, it is about that they start reappraising their products during this crisis time and make them available for every house.

Bowerman mentioned that they will look forward to investing in creating some minor as well as major changes

Future investments

In the last few years from building digital tools for e-commerce to training each and every staff member, Kellogg has definitely invested in the right way. In the past few years, they have also witnessed the expected growth and success too for all the investments they have made towards e-commerce. During the pandemic, while many companies have struggled to keep their business in the right place, Kellogg has done pretty well.

So, while talking about the future investment, Bowerman mentioned that they will look forward to investing in creating some minor as well as major changes. According to her, the pandemic has been one of the biggest lessons and there are certain things that need permanent adoption after the pandemic.

To the utmost surprise, Kellogg was not the only company that was prepared for such an outbreak. According to the survey by Food Industry Association, some of the food retailers have made a huge investment in 2019 to strengthen their e-commerce ground. This has allowed businesses to be quite flexible when the pandemic hit in 2020. According to a report by FMI in 2018, online sales have remarkably increased to 2.5% from just 1.4% in the year 2019.

So, according to Kellogg’s officials, they want to invest in the capabilities that can provide them support in the marketplace. These include data and analytics as well as e-commerce and digital. This means they have more scopes to make some great investments in e-commerce.




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