Pizza-Stuffed TikTok Puppets Introduced by Little Caesars

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Life-size dolls packed with felt cheese and pepperoni star in a new social media promotion.

Addison Rae, take a bow. TikTok’s future stars might be life-size dolls packed with felt cheese and pepperoni, thanks to Little Caesars’ latest promotion.

The “Extra Stuffed” social campaign from Little Caesars Pizza debuted this week with two creepy and ridiculous 30-second advertisements. Before the felt friend introduces himself with, “Hi, I’m a stuffed person,” a repetitive voice screams “stuffed, stuffed, stuffed” in a singsong over pseudo-eighties techno music.

It would be scary if the button eyes, a two-dimensional handlebar mustache perched above a non-existent mouth, and a felt hand extracting felt cheese and pepperoni from a khaki trousers pocket weren’t so obviously odd. There isn’t just one strange element, but an entire sea of them. It’s probably best if viewers just sit back and chuckle.

Little Caesars’ record agency, McKinney, created the campaign. SpencerX, Adam Waheed, The McFarlands, and Brooke Averick, four TikTok influencers, will promote the brand with their own “pizza”-stuffed doppelgangers on TikTok. Russ Vick, an artist, created the dolls.

Little Caesars’ daring marketing decision reflects the company’s philosophy on pizza toppings and dough fillings. Each pepperoni-and-cheese-stuffed crust pie, according to the company, has more than nine feet of pepperoni. The ads and product’s message is clear: more is better.

The eccentric content appears to be made for social media, where bizarre messages may attract attention and ascend to the top of an algorithm. While the broader campaign for Pepperoni & Cheese Stuffed Crust includes TV advertisements, this campaign was created specifically for social media, focusing on TikTok.

Little Caesars’ “Big Pizza” campaign, which debuted earlier this year and featured a fake corporate pizza behemoth that only Little Caesars can destroy, continues with the new ad content. On the “Marketer’s Brief” podcast in January, Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Klein discussed the “Big Pizza” campaign with Ad Age.

For the new campaign, Little Caesars spent $800,000 on advertising. According to the Ad Age Datacenter, Little Caesars spent $166 million on measured media in the United States last year, down 18.4 percent from 2019. It was the 80th most promoted brand in the country.




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