The Doritos company unleashes an augmented reality campaign in the summer

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To combat the growing laxity of social-distancing laws, Doritos has launched a platform called “Make Your Play,” which encourages music fans to attend concerts this summer despite the increase in social-distancing restrictions.

In collaboration with 8th Wall, Poplar Studio will create interactive posters that will be displayed across the United Kingdom during the campaign.

There are Q.R. codes on the posters in these locations that can be scanned to access the augmented reality experience, which includes a play button shaped like the iconic Dorito chip. When a button is pressed, a portal with musical content and 3D objects displayed appears, which can be interacted with and moved around.

Doritos will send a batch of 250 pairs of Strawberries & Creem Festival day tickets to DICE, an event ticket selling and event planning website. They will also make more affordable festival tickets available for purchase after the buttons are pressed.

Out-of-home marketing will be used to capitalize on augmented reality technology’s demonstrated value in creating interactive customer experiences during the flu pandemic, according to the campaign’s objectives. According to Clafoutie Sensitive, marketing director for snacks at PepsiCo, “The music industry has been struggling recently, which is why we’ve chosen to collaborate with industry leaders who share a similar mission and use cutting-edge technology to connect with music fans who have been glued to their seats for the past year.” Having developed a campaign that uses augmented reality technology to encourage music fans to participate in Make Your Play contests, we are thrilled to have been able to bring people together.



Doritos launches augmented reality summer campaign


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