TikTok’s Secret to Being ‘Emerging Brand of the Year’

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At The Drum Awards for Marketing, Tiktok was named emerging brand of the year, and in 2021, Tiktok discusses the reasons that have contributed to their success.

The challenge

Tiktok aspired to go from merely being “known” to being “understood and appreciated,” finally being the most relevant and well-liked entertainment and cultural platform. The campaign’s main goal was to enhance brand likability and relevance among 18-to 35-year-olds audiences and bridge the gap in trial barriers in Europe.

The strategy

Tiktok is on a mission to encourage people all around the world to be more creative and joyful. To do so, they’re dedicated to cultivating an atmosphere that allows artists’ skills and ideas to grow, both on our new site for marketing and advertising news, tips, and elsewhere.

Tiktok DNA includes music, which is a significant generator of a good brand impression. For collaboration with Sea Shanty, they wanted to take advantage of this chance to solidify their position as a music discovery destination, allowing producers and music fans alike to participate in historic musical moments as well as new music trends.

The activity

The year 2020 was a big one. We cooked, listened, learned, supported, remained at home together, raised spirits, recognized Black History Month, vibrated with Dua Lipa, sung of the Sea…and discovered creativity and pleasure along the way. We watched companies adapt in real-time to embrace authenticity, and genuine connection as the Tiktok community joined together to share a moment of inspiration and optimism. Brands can produce content that is both entertaining and authentic to who they are or what they stand for on their new website. Sports leagues, Publishers, and teams, and nonprofit organizations were all highly relevant with this in 2020.

Every day, organizations, producers, musicians, and others build our web culture and engage the website’s community, responsible for millions of video views and followers. Throughout it all, creators have utilized their platforms to raise awareness for social problems, advocate for disadvantaged and underrepresented populations, celebrate the diverse cultures that make the website’s community so unique, and educate people about various points of view.

The following are TikTok’s outcomes from the last 12 months:

  • In Ad Age’s ‘Marketers of the Year 2020,’ Tiktok came in #1;
  • Became the most downloaded mobile app of the year, surpassing Facebook;
  • Sea Shanty TikTok received a record deal;
  • With the Ocean Spray TikTok video, the 90-year-old firm was revolutionized overnight;
  • The Weeknd’s website’s Virtual Concert attracted over 2 million viewers and raised $350,000 for the Equal Justice Initiative;
  • Justin Bieber’s first-ever live performance of songs from his digital-only collection from 2013. ‘Journals,’ the album, attracted over 4 million unique listeners.






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