What music and trends do music brands need to know about TikTok?

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The platform’s For You Summit revealed new insights into user behavior and brand appreciation.

Brands should first consider how they will incorporate music into their TikTok campaigns. According to a new report released on Tuesday by the short-form video app TikTok, when brands use music in their TikTok ads, customers associate that song with the brand.

According to 68 percent of users, the brand stands out; 58 percent of users consider the brand to be a close friend, and 58 percent of users believe that brand recall is improved.

The platform’s consumer popularity is heavily reliant on music and sound. This has a direct impact on how brands engage and entertain users on the forum. Companies have benefited from using custom songs or songs that have caught on in popular culture on the platform. Lil Nas X and Olivia Rodrigo have launched successful music careers due to their music on the forum. Chevrolet, for example, made their TikTok presence known in February by collaborating with Breland, who has gained significant traction on Instagram with his song “My Truck.” My Chevy Truck, which was created for TikTok, received 76.2 million views and 686,000 likes after being featured on the platform.

TikTok commissioned MRC Data and Flamingo to conduct two separate studies on the app’s brand use of music and trends.

TikTok has assisted advertisers in attracting new brands to their advertisements and posts by encouraging them to include music and sounds. According to a November 2020 survey conducted by MRC Data, brand videos featuring songs popular with the general public or the young were preferred by 67 percent of TikTok users over videos made by the brands themselves featuring original songs.

TikTok tunes leave an indelible impression on users, with 72 percent saying they are likely to seek out a song they heard on the app, 67 percent looking for a piece on another music streaming platform, and 75 percent discovering new artists on the app. Furthermore, TikTok is where 75% of respondents find new music. TikTok commissioned Flamingo to survey users to see if they were inspired by trends like “cleaning TikTok,” #staycation, or #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt. TikTok directions have been posted by Gap, L’Oréal, and Goldfish Crackers.

According to a March 2021 survey, 61 percent of TikTok users prefer brands’ content when they are actively creating or engaging in a trend on the platform, and 56 percent of users and 67 percent of creators believe they have a closer relationship with brands they see on TikTok, particularly with unfinished content. Furthermore, 21% of users say they feel more connected to brands when commenting on other people’s posts. Collaborations on creative projects are extremely popular. According to the survey, 63 percent of participants enjoy seeing creators in their videos, while 66 percent enjoy seeing brands.

More than three-quarters of users (75%) believe that trending trends begin on TikTok, and seven in ten users (70%) believe that TikTok postings can influence cultural trends. In general, if they see a new trend on the platform for the first time, roughly a third (31 percent) of users will do something unusual or go somewhere new.





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