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“Ad Brief:” How Important is it to Build Relationships?

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Long-term success in your marketing business is heavily reliant on building a working relationship with your customers and clients. Open communication with others in the industry can help your company function, and a strong sense of trust with your clients help them feel connected with your brand, leading to growth and customer retention. There are other benefits beyond these, and in this Ad Brief our guests will discuss different reasons to focus on building your marketing relationships.

For Bryant Ison from SRG, marketers need to find the moments in peoples’ lives that matter to deliver them a message that is meaningful in that point. Bryant also brings up the effects of expanding social media usage. “If you think about those platforms,” Ison explains, “You essentially are just intercepting people at different parts of their lives and with unique and different shade of messages.” You use your relationships with your audience to understand where people are in their lives based on their platform. What your goal should be is building a relationship with your clients and keeping them in your “universe” as much as possible. This lowers retention costs and continues a valuable conversation with consumers.

Experts like Cliff Rohde from GoatCloud Communications LLC try to keep a goal and responsibility of being straightforward with customers about all aspects of their business, even their shortcomings compared to other companies. Rohde thinks that this method builds trust and boosts the image of your brand through word of mouth.

Brian Sikorski from Central Florida Community Arts believes their job as a marketer is less about selling tickets to shows and more about promoting the organization and build their memberships through good relationships. Sikorski also believes in the benefits of outreaching to underserved communities. Reaching out to marginalized communities gives them a chance to make a connection with your company, which can bring in business so long as your desires to reach out are in attempts to for a genuine relationship.

Bernhard Schroeder from San Diego State University pushes for more modern marketers to take up the approach of forming relationships. “I felt digital marketers were not forging relationships with either teammates or clients,” says Schroeder, “They’re way too tactical. They want to close a program, and I want to understand the strategy.” Schroeder goes on to discuss how the explosion of digital marketing has prevented young marketers from being classically trained by experienced marketers/advertisers, causing them to struggle when it comes to expanding their strategies directly to their consumers.


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