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Ad Brief: What Are Some Ways to Get More Out of a Small Advertising Budget?

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Everyone has been in this position at some point. Either with their own business or working for someone else’s business, where there are only a few dollars to spend to find customers. What happens when a new or smaller business comes to your agency with a small budget? We picked the brain’s of our experts to come up with some new tips, hacks, and ideas to help your agency with this common obstacle facing many small or new businesses.

Grace De La Rosa from Living with Grace is recommending Facebook ads and starting off small. De La Rosa has begun a new venture and from her experience, “Every little bit helps.” While currently reaching out and building connections through social media, she tells us, “I love that organic way of reaching out to our clientele.”

For Alejandro Sanoja from Latinpresarios a business is able to maximize their budget by thinking longer-term when it comes to content creation. “I would invest in great pieces of content that are going to be there for a long period of time, bringing people into your store;” Sanoja explains, “…Your website is your store.”

Felicia Wright from Mygani LLC is building her business and reminds everyone to start with the budget you have. Felicia offers other options that do not cost money, “Through your posts and content or engagement, maybe doing videos, and just interacting with people.  Joining different groups, that another way for you to be able to market and advertise yourself.”

Bill Bortzfield from evrider.tv is using platforms like Daily Ad Brief along with social media as the “Primary way” he is “Getting EV Rider out the door,” he tells us. This is his low cost method.

If you are spending money, Austin Lee from Pioneer brings up an important point. “If you can define your target audience really well, you can figure out …Where that target audience is and exactly where to reach them,” he says. It is about focusing your dollars where they are the most effective in his experience.

Our guests share more details and insights in each of their interviews. Follow the links to learn more.


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