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Ad Brief: When Is It Time to Change Platforms?

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In the world of advertising and marketing, things are consistently changing. New ideas, businesses and methods are being put in the spotlight every day. Innovations and new demands are thrust upon us quickly. So as a professional, it is important to know when to make an adjustment or change to our approach. Being able to identify which platform is good for a client and when to change platforms is important, to say the least. We asked our experts to help shed some light on this topic.

Steve Lynn from BLAZE shared his company has encountered obstacles due to the industry they service. These obstacles have given him a different perspective. However, he says, “We look at engagement. We want to see whether people are liking or clicking-through or commenting or sharing. If those… Key performance indicators start going stale, that’s when we look at new platforms.”

For Michelle Calcote King from Reputation Ink, her company is looking at “Where the audience is.” That is combined with an on-going assessing of what the client’s needs are and what conversations are occurring on any given platform at the time. In other words, is the platform a good match for the client.

Similarly, Ward Clayton from Clayton Communications points to the client and reminds everyone to ask, “Who is the client?” Clayton builds upon that with a second question, “Who do you want to reach?” Because which platform is utilized depends on how these questions ae answered.

Test, test, and test urges Jeff Bander from EyeSquare. Which platform is used comes down to the numbers for him. “That is why it is so important to test.” Bander goes further saying, “It is critical to test in today’s world. If you are not, you are guessing, and you are wasting your money.”

Our guests share more details and insights in each of their interviews. Follow the links to learn more.


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