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“AdTastic” with Martin Barrow from mobUX

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Martin Barrow
Founder at mobUX
Website Address: themobux.com

Each week on “AdTastic,” our host talks to advertising and media experts across the country. This week our host speaks with Martin Barrow from mobUX.

To learn more, check out themobux.com.

What is the biggest change in the advertising industry that you see coming in the next 2 years?

Mass personalization and further movement into mobile

How is the trend towards streaming television (CTV) impacting your advertising strategies?

It is beneficial to what our company is providing. We’re a mobile continuation of any ad platform to an in-house ad experience, where the brand controls the journey and collects all the data

What’s your biggest challenge with attracting and hiring talent in the past 2 years?

Large amount of competition and higher wages


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