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“Advertising Champions” with Abe Gottesman, Cedar Milazzo, Olivia F. Scott, & Joseph Federico

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Abe Gottesman
CMO at Game of Silks, Inc
Website Address: silks.io

Cedar Milazzo
CEO at Trustie, Inc
Website Address: https://www.wearenobl.com

Olivia F. Scott
Founder at Omerge Alliances
Website Address: www.omergealliances.com

Joseph Federico
Founder & CEO at Anchors To Dusk
Website Adress: https://www.anchorstoduskpublishing.com

Each week on “Advertising Champions,” our host talks to advertising experts across the country. This week our host speaks with Abe Gottesman from Game of Silks, Inc, Cedar Milazzo from Trustie, Inc, Olivia F. Scott from Omerge Alliances, and Joseph Federico from Anchors To Dusk.

What is one tip that you would give when it comes to advertising?

Abe: Be tactical and nimble. Know and live by your metrics and KPIs

Cedar: Avoid waste by knowing exactly which content your ads are placed next to.

Olivia: Starting your advertising planning through audience analysis.

What are the major challenges that you (and/or other advertisers) face today?

Abe: Noise and consumer trust

Cedar: Aligning brand message with the content ads are displayed next to and avoiding funding of toxic content.

Olivia: Influencer marketing. How to get the best value from them.


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