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Ask the Expert: Advice for Graduates

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It’s fall semester, and students around the world are entering their final year before graduating and being thrust into the “real world.” With COVID looming, these are uncertain times, but this week we interviewed seasoned experts in the field of marketing to make sure new graduates get the best advice for entering the workforce/ From media buying to social media marketing, these experts have been through the trials and tribulations of leaving college and are excited to see what the marketers of the future will do. 

For Maureen Williams from Monarch Media Solutions, the key to success is passion. “Be passionate about helping clients. You have to buy (media) to help the client grow, that has to be your focus.” The success of a business starts with you, when you become invested and passionate about their growth and development your work will always be stellar. Marketing is more creative than people think, and the field needs problem solvers and marketers with a heart for the client. 

“Your social media presence is who you are,” says Kristian Spence from Klarke Marketing Solutions, “it’s not just the degree that you have or the college you graduated from. 

“The most important question we can ask is are we helping our clients gain more customers and make more sales?” says Cole NeSmith from Memoir Agency. Marketing can be applied in countless ways, and there is always a solution for the stagnant company. Critical thinking and attentive listening are the key attributes to make sure the answer to Cole’s question is always a resounding yes. 



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