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“Digital Champions” with Paula Chiocchi from Outward Media

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Paula Chiocchi
CEO at Outward Media
Website Address: https://outwardmedia.com/

Each week on “Digital Champions,” our host talks to media experts across the country.  This week our host speaks with Paula Chiocchi from Outward Media. To learn more, check out https://outwardmedia.com/

What is your company Elevator pitch when talking about your company?

OMI assists brands in reaching prospects in their preferred channel by providing the largest reach to the always evolving SMB sector. Marketers have access to email, direct mail and display advertising data to fuel campaigns and with a 95% contact validity guarantee.

What is the main pain point that you solve for your customers?

Providing the largest accurate multi-channel reach to professionals and manager level and above contact titles for the SMB sector.

What is your biggest pain point when it comes to digital advertising?

Matching content to various buying personas. I.E., millennials have different buying habits than baby boomers.

What is the biggest change in marketing that you see coming in the next 2 years?

We see the market moving to a B2P (business to person) approach to audience building versus a B2B or B2C audience. This involves merging business personas with their personal interests and attributes for a holistic view in audience building.

What is one tip that you would give when it comes to digital marketing?

Make sure your audiences are focused and targeted so you can tailor your content to specific buyer needs as well as measure desired outcomes.

Which programmatic platform(s) do you utilize?



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