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“Digital Champions” with Tammy Collins from Tammy L Collins

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Tammy Collins
Owner, Creative Director at Tammy L Collins
Website Address: TammyLCollins.com

Each week on “Digital Champions,” our host  talks to media experts across the country.   This week our host speaks with Tammy Collins from Tammy L Collins. To learn more check out TammyLCollins.com.

What is your company Elevator pitch when talking about your company?

I help you uncover your passion and turn it into money so you you can live the life you dream about.

What is the biggest change in marketing that you see coming in the next 2 years?

Digital marketing has already changed drastically- most have blinders on and don’t see what’s happening. The old ways of email bombardment and sales funnel tactics are a thing of the past. Those who see the new variation of the the funnel are rapidly scaling. The consumer is smarter than ever. They resent brands that don’t respect them, their time, or their opinions and values.

What is one tip that you would give when it comes to digital marketing?

Start with the client- what they want and need. It is not about what you as the brand or company wants or needs. Stop treating your clients as a sales transaction- in fact, remove the word sales altogether.

What is the main pain point that you solve for your customers?

Moving them from dreaming about the life they desire to making it tangible.


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