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“Making A Difference” with Chicke Fitzgerald from Solutionz

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Chicke Fitzgerald
CEO at Solutionz
Website Address: solutionz.com

Each week on “Making a Difference,” our host, Cindy Ashton, interviews people making a difference in their community. Today, Cindy had the pleasure of talking with Chicke Fitzgerald from Solutionz.

To learn more, check out https://www.solutionz.com.

What nonprofit do you feel makes the greatest impact in our community?

We actually donate to our client’s charity of choice with every transaction. One of my favorites is Operation Underground Railroad, helping to erradicate human slavery. Another is Paws for Purple Hearts, helping veterans through the provision of service animals.

What volunteer experience has impacted you the most?

If I volunteer my time, that has limited reach. Instead I’m building a business that I hope to reach $500 million by 2026, where we will be giving a minimum of $50 million each year. When our clients choose anything in the human slavery arena, or in supporting our veterans or active duty service people, we actually up our donation from 10% to 50% of our revenues, so that overall number (and thus our reach) can be much higher and impact individuals, communities and indeed humanity as a whole.

Who inspires you and why?

Anyone that stays true to their faith and their principles in the face of the massive chaos and pressures in our world to veer from that path. One of my favorite people that does this is Chad Burmeister, the CEO of Living a Better Story. He also is a tech CEO.

What’s your favorite way to get involved in the community?

By building giving into my business model and teaching others how to do the same. Again, this is a part of liberating greatness in others. Giving is a key to personal greatness.


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