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“Making A Difference” with Cynthia Stadd Orvis from CSO Growth & Development, LLC

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Cynthia Stadd Orvis
Executive Health Coach and Corporate Wellness Educator at CSO Growth & Development, LLC
Website Address: www.CynthiaStadd.com

Each week on “Making a Difference,” our host, Cindy Ashton, interviews people making a difference in their community. Today, Cindy had the pleasure of talking with Cynthia Stadd Orvis from CSO Growth & Development, LLC.

To learn more, check out www.CynthiaStadd.com.

What nonprofit do you feel makes the greatest impact in our community?

I’m a huge fan of CASA; Court Appointed Special Advocates for children who have been displaced from their parents. I plan to go through their extensive training in the near future and can’t wait to support the children in need in my community.

What volunteer experience has impacted you the most?

Well, believe it or not, it was my experience with SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving) when I was in high school. I remember feeling like we had a significant impact on my peer group at the time, and the friendships I made from being regularly active in the organization have lasted for decades.

What’s your favorite way to get involved in the community?

I love attending outdoor community events and helping with animal advocacy whenever I’m able.

What additional services does your firm offer that makes up more than 25% of your service offerings?

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