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“Making A Difference” with Mary Wu from Mary Wu, Social Media Consultant

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Mary Wu
Owner at Mary Wu, Social Media Consultant
Website Address: www.marywuva.com

Each week on “Making a Difference,” our host, Howard Wolpoff, interviews people making a difference in their community. Today, Howard had the pleasure of talking with Mary Wu from Mary Wu, Social Media Consultant.

To learn more, check out http://www.marywuva.com.

What nonprofit do you feel makes the greatest impact in our community?

This week – League of Women Voters.

What volunteer experience has impacted you the most?

Being a LaLeche League Leader. Yes, this position helped me help young mothers breastfeed, but we also had training in conflict resolution, public speaking, and overall preparedness. (You never knew when you might need to lead a meeting somewhere in an hour or less because a neighboring leader had a sick kid).

What’s your favorite way to get involved in the community?

For me – through my church. This past weekend I was out and about at Nashville Pride events in the hopes that people that had been harmed by the church could understand that it doesn’t necessarily need to be that way, and there are people that love the person that they were created to be.


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