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“Marketing Champions” with Bruno Gralpois from Agency Mania Solutions

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Bruno Gralpois
Co-Founder & Principal at Agency Mania Solutions
Website Address: www.agencymania.com

Each week on “Marketing Champions”, our host talks to marketing experts across the country. This week our host speaks with Bruno Gralpois from Agency Mania Solutions.

To learn more, check out https://www.agencymania.com.

What is the biggest change in marketing that you see coming in the next 2 years?

Media continues to be rapidly evolving, creating new challenges and opportunities trends for brands to drive engagement and relevance to target audiences. Trends like the below are reshaping media as we know it today: 1) Ad-supported video-on-demand services overtaking subscription services, which is being accelerated by major streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+ adding ad-supported tiers, 2) The continuing mainstreaming of gaming platforms and services, 3) A shift toward attention-based metrics, 4) A shift toward “always-on” shopping patterns, 5) The rise of retail media platforms, 6) The official demise of third-party cookies, 7) The ascendence of live event marketing by major brands, 8) The continuing dominance of social algorithms, 9) The continuing shift toward “brand responsibility.

What makes your company unique?

Unique to us, we implement custom software solutions that conform to your business (tailored to your needs/processes), adjust as you do (highly agile solution to evolve), and are unbiased – meaning we do not try steer you one direction over another, we build the solution to your needs. This also means we work with you to identify new, enhanced features/modules to drive value that matters. And as prior clients ourselves, we have rich experience on both sides of the relationship that sets us apart in the marketplace as it translates to the best practices we offer, thoughtfulness (and potential tradeoffs) to the implementation and cater our approach to make it easy to adopt and scale, plus a simple price model. Each client engagement is highly consultative, which ensures the product achieves simplicity, user adoption/satisfaction, and often phased rollout so it is absorbable to client teams and follows a roadmap aligned with your business goals.


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