“Marketing Champions” with Jennifer Moore from Silvercrest

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On “Marketing Champions,” our host interviews people in the marketing world who are setting the bar in the industry. Experts in the fields of advertising and marketing share their experiences on how they champion for their clients, brands and ourselves. Today our host interviews Jennifer Moore from Silvercrest.

Silvercrest is a technology company that delivers sophisticated marketing and media solutions for brands, specializing in the multi-unit and franchise categories. Our marketing portal, LMap which stands for Local Marketing Automation Platform, helps companies market their brand on a national and local level from social media to digital marketing to all forms of paid media, we are an agency that that can act as an extension of your marketing team to deliver programmatic and sophisticated channel software technology solutions.

To learn more check out https://www.silvercrestadvertising.com.

What is the biggest change in marketing that you see coming in the next 2 years?: The consolidation of MarTech both in terms of companies providing solutions and brand’s outsourcing needs. The growth has been exponential in the last 10 years, but it has also become unmanageable, defeating the very purpose of marketing technology.

What is your favorite advertising campaign that you have created for a client or participated in?: We don’t do the creative at Silvercrest, we help brands customize, localize, execute, and deploy, and thus we are creative and media agnostic. So we don’t have any favorite children, but rather measure success on effectiveness and efficiency.


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