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“Marketing For Your Future” with Kofi Annan from G. Kofi Annan

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Kofi Annan
Founder at G. Kofi Annan
Website Address: gkofiannan.com

On “Marketing for Your Future,” our host speaks with experts within the marketing community about the future of the marketing industry. This week our host speaks with Kofi Annan from G. Kofi Annan. To learn more check out gkofiannan.com.

What is the biggest change in marketing that you see coming in the next 2 years?

The biggest change is the rise in values-based virtual experiences. Online you can be whoever you want to be and folks are increasing taking advantage of that. They are creating personas that represent their “real” self and joining tribes like themselves online. They want to find and choose brands that share their values and world-view online. Brands who want to reach and engage with them will have to be more authentic and smarter than the competition.

What is one tip that you would give when it comes to digital marketing?

There’s no room for run of the mill, mediocre brands. Brands need to be more like a fox, faster AND smarter, and more authentic than the competition. If you want audiences to choose your brand you need to be smart about how you tell memorable stories, how you create rich experiences, and also how you respond authentically to feedback from your customer tribes.

What is something in your career that you learned from by making a mistake?

I’ve learned that there’s no one way to learn and grow. People have different paces. Part of being a good partner is knowing how to read the room, get in sync with the people you are working with, and then nudging them in a direction that benefits them.


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