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“Media Champions” with Christian Jennings from WMHARPER

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On “Media Champions,” our host speaks with experts within the media community. This week our host speaks with Christian Jennings from WMHARPER.

To learn more check out www.wmharper.com.

What is the biggest change in marketing that you see coming in the next 2 years?: 80% of companies do not have a plan. Absent a plan, organizations become plagued by one of the biggest symptoms of brand angst, Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS): chase shiny objects, throw money at shiny objects, move dollars away from shiny objects not converting, rinse and repeat. This leads to inefficient spending, minimal gains and a limitation on what organizations might achieve. In the past there was Media/Campaign planning, digital marketing, performance marketing and Marketing Plans all happening in silos. Because of this, businesses are spending more time juggling vendors than focused on business goals but that’s will all change soon. The transition I see happening in 2 years is companies actually taking the time to develop an overarching strategy from which one plan is developed BEFORE everyone goes off working in silos.


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