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Daily Ad Brief

Daily Ad Brief has opportunities to showcase people in the marketing and advertising space and allow them to be part of the story. From ad briefs on industry trends, to DAB’s TV segments, Award Series and recognition of those involved in philanthropy, DAB is here to share the stories of those doing amazing work and lifting their communities.

We at Simpli.fi, not only want to recognize those who do good, but want to be a leading collective voice in the media industry.

Daily Ad Brief is owned by Simpli.fi and has a team to make this all possible. You do not have to be a Simpli.fi customer to be a part of our community. If you have an idea for a story, want to highlight a team member for their leadership or join one of our conversations, we would love to hear how we can include you in our content. This is our way to give a larger voice to those who have great things to share.


Show Prep:

  • Please respond to your invite to confirm your attendance for the segment. It will be sent through email and published on our Google Calendar
  • Dress is business professional and related to your business type.
  • If you have any questions, the office number is (904) 232-3001 or email producer@dailyadbrief.com

About (or) Audience:

Daily Ad Brief integrates news and trends from thousands of digital and marketing companies globally. Daily Ad Brief’s video interviews feature trends in marketing, digital, programmatic, creative, PR and the great people behind them. DailyAdBrief.com is a one-stop, real-time source of all things marketing from top companies around the globe. Educate yourself with a variety of blog posts or interview segments, including Marketing & Beyond, Digital Champions, More 2 Media, and more.

Daily Ad Brief is a site dedicated to bringing the advertising industry news about relevant news, trends, and voices. The site is sponsored by Simpli.fi, a leading provider of workflow software and programmatic solutions to advertising agencies and other media buying organizations

Daily Ad Brief Demographics

Ages 25-54 Daily Ad Brief readers are up-and-coming business leaders who are interested in the latest news and trends around digital and media marketing. Active business owners Daily Ad Brief readers range from first-time business owners to established national brands seeking insight into marketing trends and needs. They are individuals and companies who wish to be ahead of the marketing curve and surpass their competition. Daily Ad Brief in the Growing Market In the past year alone, around 4.3 million business applications were filed. Daily Ad Brief readers understand the growing competition and seek to get ahead of the game with up-to-date insights and news from local to national brands.

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